CEO Plan Innovate manage promote (PIMP) in person of Mr Terso Davies Betterland; has threatened to file a law suit against Mr Douglas Emdi and his colleague Miah Eneh CEO's Mayne Empire for intellectual theft over the event "1 Dollar Photo Fest".

Mr Terso via a chat with Karinaiblog accused Mr Douglas Emdi and partner for putting out his intellectual content without giving him proper acknowledgements or made any kind of payments to him. As he (Terso) is the actual content developer of the event.

Mr Terso narrated that he got acquinted with Mayne Empire during his business dealings with Austin Telesy's Music (ATM) during the event planning of Popsome by Dj Telesy which he was also a content developer of, saying the event was initially supposed to be an ordinary birthday party for the Dj, but as a content developer he infused his ideas and content which Dj Telesy was amazed by and decided to work with his ideas on branding the event, making it a consistent annual event with the name POPSOME WITH DJ TELESY.

He further went on to explain that Mr Douglas was also a partner with ATM at the time for the same event (POPSOME); and after hearing the ideas Terso had brought on the table for the event, Douglas was amazed. 
He said while in a personal conversation, Douglas confided in him over his plans to host a photography event sometime in the months of October - November. Mr Terso who explained that he did not fancy chosen month for the event so he recommended that Douglas shifted the event to December; reasons being that the above months were already booked for a lot of events. 
He also further confided in Douglas that he had a content which he developed for Dr Barz and at the time Dr Barz said he didn't have the funds to pull up such an event, but if Terso could get sponsors then maybe they could pull it off. But Terso explained that he cut contacts with Dr Barz after they had a little issue which he said he didn't want to share with the public.

He further went on to explain that while asking Douglas how intended to organize the photography event, Douglas replied saying that the event was just going to be a get together with people  chilling and paying for their pictures to be taking. But Terso said he recommended that the idea should be scrapped out and instead Douglas should name the event "1Dollar Photo Fest" which is going to be more of a muisc performance, well decorated photo booths in a good location and other ideas which he added. This idea he said marvelled Douglas who made it clear to him that he had changed his whole idea and perspective about the entire event and that he was willing to work with Terso to organize the event.  Terso said that he asked Douglas to hit him up when he was ready to kick-off the event, so that they could partner since it was his idea and he was not getting paid for it.

Terso said he was taken aback when he saw the graphics of the event with the name "1 Dollar Photo Fest" on the whatsapp status of Miah Eneh; Co-Partner to Douglas Emdi. When he contacted Miah asking him about the event and asking why he wasn't informed that they had put out a graphics for the event he claimed Miah shouted at him telling him; he shouldn't come to him with problems like this, that he had bigger problems that he was facing and he (Terso) should stop disturbing him, instead he should talk to Douglas.

Terso says he has talked to his lawyers who informed him that he should not bother himself, but wait until  Mayne Empire puts out a specific date for the event "1 Dollar Photo Fest" which is his (Terso) intellectual content and registered under his company.

Terso stating again that he can only give out the content to people who collaborate with him or pay him for his content and this Mayne Empire never did. Promising to sue them to court for intellectual theft and they will pay damages  for stealing intellectual property if they eventually put out a date.

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