Say Rocamula shades Hullo Timeyin over TIMEYIN'S CHARITY TOUR

Say Rocamula Artiste and Music Producer has gone on social media to shade Gospel Rap artiste Timeyin over her currently trending Charity event which she organized with her team of creatives, with the hastag #givetheneedyavoice.

The Music Producer who claimed to have organized a charity event a year back, accused Timeyin of not being in support of the fact that he had uploaded images from his charity event on social media.

According to him the gospel rap artiste made a comment via instagram on one of the post saying;

"Blessings don't come from advertising your good will"

He claims to have personally deleted the comment as he sensed such comments to be a bad vibe at the time.

He further went on to say that the same Gospel Rap artiste Timeyin who made such a comment via his post has carried out the same actions one year later. This he shared via his facebook page.

In his words:

"Hello everybody som jus hapun right now *lasisi’s voice’ 
A year ago I did this and Hullo Timeyin didn’t find it funny. In fact she said I shouldn’t have made it public by taking pictures and then post online. in her exact words “Blessings don’t come from advertising your good will. I personally deleted her comment cuz I felt it was bad vibe at that time. Now fast forward one year later, she is on the same path. Even doing it way bigger than mine was last year. Normally I would let this slide but My people what do you have to say about this. Is this life not funny?"

He ended his post by advising the Gospel Rap artiste to count her teeth with her tongue.

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