GARDEN CITY FOOD CARNIVAL; "The flop they called an event" _Tasie Amadi Wenenda

A vendor from the just concluded Garden City Food Carnival by the name Tasie Amadi Wenenda has come out to divulge the reality that took place at the event.
The event which was highly anticipated by the organisers with pictures of a lot of acts lined up to perform, has been revealed to have ended up in shambles.

It was noted that after the event took place on Sunday being the 11th day of November, the organisers had come out to acknowlege it's attendees, while creating a make-belief of a successful event. Well it seems the reverse was the case.

Mr Tasie on his facebook post accused the organizers of letting their personal greed come in between them and an event which was suppose to be successful. He claims that the organisers had charged vendors the sum of 10 thousand, 15 thousand and 20 thousand naira respectively for their various stands, while still putting up a gate fee of 1Thousand naira for people who were suppose to patronize them as vendors, in order to enable them (vendors) make back their money spent.

He made it clear that even at the high cost of the vendor's stand most vendors were not provided with tables to enable them make their sales, instead most of them had to go out to hire tables for a stand which they paid for.

According to him the organisers failed to provide the necessary lightening equipments to serve them during the evening since the event was scheduled to last from 12pm - 12am. He further went on to reveal that all the entertainment acts who were put up on their fliers as acts to perform at the event never showed up, he said that to be the highest scam of the event.
In his words "That was the highest Scam..."

The event which partnered with Steady Run Phcity; according to him did so to get the venue crowded as their was a very low rate of turn out for the event. He claims that the organizers of the event all bailed out, as they all switched off their phone and were No where to be found during their event.

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