Veteran Comedian K.OBaba gives out professional advice to event organizers who plan "ticketed events".

He made this publication via his facebook page. In his words:


If you are doing a ticketed event, please get ready to hawk yaaa ticket like Gala. Move with it or forget it. Guerrilla marketing is what is most likely to work in our city. Please outlets are barely selling enough right now for most of us, but if you move around to people and places you are known, you can at least make some sales. Its only recently that I slow down on my moving around because have built a sizeable fan base that asked for my tickets. If you dont have that, move around and talk people to buy. Make them see it as a good way to support you and your craft, most people who have the money might comply.

I have gotten a new way to selling since I discovered that the numbers waiting for my events has grown over the years, I've gone online with my tickets. I told a friend yesterday that the highest have sold from an outlet was with and it has proven to be another easy way for me. Find online outlets and put up your tickets, publicize the outlets and you might see some of your friends at the comfort of the phone will buy. If you can do early birds sales with a good publicity, you will attract more sales.

Thirdly, who is on your bills can prove helpful. Its not guarantee actually because a poorly publicized event with big names wont fly at all. I even know events without big names and ones without big names sold because the organizers moved around, but lets not forget the work is easier when you have one or two artistes that are in demand, trendingand loved. The act might be between and outside your city. In my city have had several people buy tickets because of me. When most of colleagues comes from Lagos, am on the bill and i make people buy their tickets. I keep people at the exit of my church gate to share flyers, i take flyers around to events am performing and mention the event. So this is the point; have acts that are demand with good fanbase on your bill and people that can go the extra miles to help you sale.

Recruits some foot soldiers to help you sales, girls are the most possible ones on this list. Have a sales team for your event. Well, in my case i hardly use girls, I work better with guys, but I most be honest to you, girls have better chances to sale. Talk to your friends, to talk to their friends on your half, the multiplier effect can help you.

In conclusion, please if you cant do a better publicity, put together a good performance list, move around with your tickets and do much more to get people to buy and patronize your event, dont just attempt a ticketed event. Its also good to tell you that if you cant ticket, you are not ready for showbusiness but just show. Lets do it and make it a culture especially now that our people are seeing the need to support us. God bless🙌🙌"

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