Jeffy Jeff via a chat with CEO Karinaiblog confirmed

that the contract between himself and his label has been called off by the CEO Kingsley Anu.

He said the CEO NO LIMIT MUSIC made this known to him via a phone call with his mother 2days ago where he nullified the contract. He stated that via this call, the No limit Boss went further to rain insults on his mother for reasons unknown to him.

He aslo stated that the CEO is yet to bring this information to public knowledge.

While Crying out, Jeffy Jeff stated how pained he is about this incident, he promises to suprise the CEO Immediately he gets into Port Harcourt next week.

He further went on to talk about his concert "UNEXPECTED" coming up, promising to finance everything without the assistance or help of Kingsley Anu.

In his words:

"No limit Music confirmed it that it is over between me and him via a phone call to my mother. He went ahead in insulting my mom for nothing.
But he hasn't made it official. I am very pained now. I will definitely shock him. Let me return to PH next week.
Jeffy Jeff said so.

My concert preparation is at up top gear.
Jahn Gang No limit Music
But I will finance everything."

It will be remembered that the CEO earlier called off the Jeffy Jeff's UNEXPECTED CONCERT which was slated for the 2nd of December inorder to kick off his own NO LIMIT MUSIC FESTIVAL. This news which created an uproar on social media as bloggers and influencers came out condemning the CEO's lack of professionalism.

Talking about his contract with NO LIMIT, he revealed he signed a 2years contract with NO LIMIT MUSIC which has not elapsed, but only just clocked a year old this november. But due to his personal thoughts and generosity he (Jefffy Jeff) had pleaded with the CEO to extend his contract too 5years inorder for the label to be able to gain back their investments and profits spent on him, as he doesn't see that happening within the 2years he had earlier signed. Making deeper revelations Jeffy Jeff says his boss failed to fulfill the promises of sponsoring his music videos on top music stations like Hip Tv and Soundcity, rather settled for local stations like RSTV, Silverbird and a host of others and when questioned he always made excuses of how he (Kingsley Anu) is promoting Port Harcourt.

The singer who was said to be under a Record label testifies to the fact that he lacked the basic amenities to aid in his music career, starting from funding to a conducive apartment and recording studio because his boss pays more attention to the label than him the artiste.

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