Principal Olumati Isaiah - Tedx Standard or NOT? as Dr Barz thrilled crowd at Event

Controversial public speaker and consultant Principal Olumati Isaiah who has constantly been in the news over his controversial social media post as regards the competitive nature and clash of both secular and gospel related artsite and events in the city of Port Harcourt.

In recent times the self acclaimed Principal has been heads on with popular rapper and lyricist Dr Barz over the same controversial issues. Each of them holding a strong opinion on he's belief and stand on what should be acceptable in hosting a proper concert both as a gospel and secular artiste.

The Principal who had some months back made a post saying:
"In this part of the world, only gospel artistes host PROPER concerts. The rest just host some smoking and drinking game laced with music"

Got a reply from Dr Barz who stated in his reply that gospel concerts only permit the smoking and drinking after their concerts.

In his words:
"That's because Smoking and drinking isn't allowed at gospel concerts. It's only allowed afterwards"

This issue which earlier raised a lot of dust from both colleagues and fans of both individuals as everyone had to pick a side in order to protect their interest within the industry.

There might still be a cold war between both parties seeing that both are at daggars drawn and the Principal Olumati Isaiah has over time continued to make certain constructive criticism which can be seen as hot blows directed to the secular entertainers especially towards hip hop artsite Dr Barz.

On November 13th 2018; 7:44pm, it will be recalled that the Principal made another controversial post via his facebook page were he drastically condemned Hip-Hop artiste who makes use of Hype men during their performance on stage. He posted a video of an artiste performance which he claimed depicted the proper way any hip-hop artiste performance should be like on stage. According to the Principal; Hype Men are Insults and nuisance to proper hip-hop performances and artistry.

This post certainly got the attention of the hip-hop rapper Dr Barz who is known to have his own personal party starter, Hype Man Sonrandein Dooake (YO BOI) who he never gets on stage without, as both of them make for an electrifying stage performance.

Victor Barz Akpomon who Ignored making a reply to the Principal's post made his clap back during the Tedx reframe event which he (Dr Barz) was made a guest speaker on. At the event Dr Barz ignored all critics made by the Principal, as he graced the stage as usual with his Hype Man YO BOI, but this time serving as a 'choir master' they both thrilled the crowd as usual to an energetic and mind blowing performance.

Unfortunately for the Principal he was present at the event and yet again he witnessed the performance which he referred to as a "nusiance".

Now with the standard platfrom Tedx represents fans are curious to hear from the Principal, as he is still yet to make any publication about the event.

Is Tedx a standard event or NOT?
After letting Victor Barz Akpomon (Dr Barz) grace the stage with his hype man to create such "nusiance" which was one of the thrilling hightlights of the  event.

The fans want to know what the Principal has to say this time.

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