It has been a battle of "Who you don help" between south-south film maker Bobby Rak and Singer Kessy Driz over a talented female Rap artiste MERCY AUGUSTUS aka St.Mercy
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The social media banter started off when Online publicist Roy Clintson aka (The Commissioner of disturbance) made an online post promoting and appreciating Mercy Augustus who media enthusiast Tammy Halliday had contacted about asking that Roy helped him feature her on the Gospel Gang Carnival event to perform.

The Rap artiste who was alleged to have shown a great deal of spontaneity and lyrical prowess was called out by Roy Clintson via his post on facebook where he appreciated her and pleaded that she should be promoted and also featured both in songs and events in other to encourage and showcase her craft.

Roy via this post tagged Bobby Rak, who also came to make comments supporting Roy's claims while vouching that Mercy is the most spontaneous female Rapper he has met so far in the city of Port Harcourt; while making claims of her exploits at his Grill and Games event and promising to soon upload video clips of her performances at the event

In his words:

" She's the most spontaneous female Rapper I've met so far in PH. Will soon upload visuals of her exploits at the #GrillandGames."
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This definitely did not go down well with singer/songwriter Kessy Driz who came out blasting Bobby Rak for not appreciating and show casing the Rapper earlier after he had seen her potentials at his event, but rather waited until she has been discovered by some other individual.

In her words:

"Bobby Rak  na lieee ooooo, if u think she’s that good n spontaneous like u said, why didn’t u post about her to encourage her craft? Afteral it was ur event she showcased her talent ? My dear that’s how to support people and encourage them.... see what Tunde Ednut is doing on instagram, he’s dragging traffic to talented people’s page if you post abt her after Roy must have posted then it doesn’t make sense to me means u were never proud of her.... you dong need to wait for someone else to discover her before letting us know she was on ur event .... dats camouflage... all the peope that has pictures of me and them in it and never posted it maybe cos i didn’t look hot in the picture, wen i blow now na dem go dig out those pix post am make people know say dem know me wen i bin ugly.. drops mic"

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Bobby Rak who did not also take her comment slightly also dropped a response by claiming he is neither a show promoter or Tunde Edunt, but a business man looking for money. Also stating how he had planned the rap battle where the Rapper had earlier showcased her potentials. Claiming he put out a cash prize of Fifthy Thousand Naira (#50,000) which was his own money and he didn't get entries...asking how he could promote and support rappers who couldn't make small instagram entries.
He went further to put the singer on a spot by asking her how many people she has promoted on her page since her followers were higher than his

In his words:

"You KessyDriz , how many people u don promote for your page? You wey get followers pass me."

Kessy Driz who did not give any reasonable response after Bobby Rak's back lash, left the scene by dropping a witty comment;

"Coman beat me bobbbyyy; I don already drop mic"
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The singer who was called back by Bobby Rak to come and testify to the number of people she has promoted with her page, since she was a celebrity with a higher amount of followers than him. Instead of comparing him to Tunde Edunt who is a promoter and collects 50k per instagram post.

Kessy Driz came back responding to Bobby Rak's comment saying;

In her words:

"Bobby Rak at least me I give u something...The suya wey u chop dey purge O."

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Seems we haven't seen the last of these two...
Mercy Augustus has not left any response as she might be seen as the reason for this up roar as two creatives are at each other over her.

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