#10yearsChallenge Check out some of your best PH celebrities BEFORE / AFTER

Following the new trend of the #10yearsChallenge on all social media platforms by different Nigerians cutting across status quo and age grade, the new trend has been able to serve as a measuring scale to the level of growth and achievements attained by some many Nigerian's especially our favourite Nigerian celebrities within a period of 10 years.

Not leaving the city of Port-Harcourt out of this voyage through Memory Lane, some of our favorite celebrities here took part in this challenge and it will shock you to see some of the major throwbacks we had gracing our screens.

Check out the top 10 that made our timeline's hilarious

                      LEGENDARY SUNI


                      TIMEYIN(SHE BOSS) 

        LORD JENNY(KNIGHT HOUSE         

                               DR. BARZ

                        YOUNG STUNNA


                   PHOENIX (JIGGA MAN)

                       PRINCESS ONUMS

                         SPEECH LUTHER

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