New Revelations as No Limit Music act GTHREE MAYAMI opens up on being a G-BOY

Lately, the luxurious automobile, MERCEDES BENZ has surfaced as a yard stick to measure wealth following it's recurrent inclusion in lyrical content among our Nigerian musicians, such as VICTOR AD, OLAMIDE and a host of others.

Co-incidentally, there has been a surge in the rate of cyber crimes as witnessed in recent times. With reference to this, a newly signed act of NO LIMIT MUSIC, Gthree Mayami might have also fallen prey to this trend as he has come out to tell the world that he is an Internet Fraudster.

This information is imbedded in his new single #MOTIVATE which is set to drop on 1st of February, 2019. The song tells the story of Gthree who prays to God to help him hit stardom and acquire a BENZ as it is popularly called, because according to him he doesn't want to get involved in the recent trend of (Yahoo plus up) by Internet fraudsters which might result to him using his mother as a ransom to aid his quest for wealth.

We fear that the desire of our upcoming acts to level up with their senior colleagues in the entertainment scene might become a catalyst to encourage them to engage in Cyber Crimes.

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