The month of December in the year 2018 came with a lot of fun filled moments for the city of Port-Harcourt as events starring major star acts in Nigeria were all being hosted in the city. Some of which were the FESTIVAL OF LIGHT featuring 2BABAGCBA CHARITY CONCERT featuring WIZKID AND MR2KAYPLUGGED MUSIC FESTIVAL and a host of others yet to come. One of the events with major jaw dropping highlights was the just concluded PLUGGED MUSIC FESTIVAL. The event which was headlined by the DMW Boss DAVIDO was said to have been sold out as the event had a massive turn out by the people of Port-Harcourt who came all out to represent their city. Unfortunately the event was flocked with fans and residents of the city, much more than was initially anticipated, giving way to a high level of negative criticism from both residents and non-residents. Apparently this is because (according to attendees) the event ended on a sad note as a result of poor proper crowd management and high levels of insecurity.
According to a detailed report given by one of the team members who was on ground during the event and gave a detailed narrative of the occurrence of things at the event via a chat with our media personnel, he claimed that the event which had started with sales of 2k worth early bird tickets stopped 2 days to the event due to high demand by fans. Unfortunately, due to the large number of those who were unable to get their tickets before the event, the organizers had to resell the tickets at the venue of the event at the price of 2k instead of the proposed 5K for those who failed to purchase theirs before the day of the event.
In details, it was clarified that on the day of the event prior to it's beginning, there were serious security checks at the entrance into the venue of the event which was the Port-Harcourt Pleasure park. Unfortunately, after fans began to troop in massively, security checks failed and people began to jump over the fence of the venue in order to gain entrance alongside many others who had sneaked in through the gate without their tickets thereby creating a sensitive loophole. This gave miscreants, thugs and hoodlums access into the venue.
According to the detailed reports, after the event had kick started and a host of other artistes had performed, the crowd began to grow impatient as they had waited for the organizers to bring out Davido who was the man of the show. Finally Davido came in with his entourage, he went up on stage almost immediately after impatient fans had bathed DJ Joenel's Hype man with a bottle of water regardless of this, the super star started his performance. Almost immediately, an over excited fan was said to have jumped on the stage hoping to get a hold of Davido but got an epic smack down off the stage by SOSO SOBEREKON a member of Davido's entourage. Fans cheered excitedly and the show was going on smoothly as DAVIDO thrilled his fans with his super live band performance.
Shortly after his entrance and several performances, over excited fans began to struggle to get on stage, this led to lack of proper crowd control. 
Subsequently, Davido ordered the removal of  the runway stage extension which made it difficult for fans to climb.

In further details, a lot of violent acts were recorded during and after Davido's performance, these facilitated the temporary exit of the super star while security measures were used to tame the crowd. 

According to eye witness reports, Davido was futile on his attempts to calm down the crowd. At a point some thugs within the crowd took advantage of the hiatus to molest girls and susceptible victims.
It was reported that at this point a security man went on stage with a gun in an attempt to calm the crowd, fortunately, Davido immediately chastised him and ordered that there would be no weapons on his stage.

This was not long after Davido's New No.7 customised diamond chain was almost snatched from his neck while he performed. Despite the stubborn crowd, Davido was said to have continued his performance which entertained the crowd so much that they enthusiastically demanded for more . Unfortunately, Davido was said to have ended his performance immediately after a fight ensued and a fan sustained an injury due to a broken bottle on his head.

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