"I am fine; I have not run away..." BENIAH FATHER Mr AGOBOYE MONDAY SPEAKS UP

In recent times their has been a rampage on social media about the where about of Mr Agoboye Monday the father of the child with multiple holes in his heart (BABY BENIAH). Several accusation has alleged that Mr Monday Agoboye who beckoned on Nigerians to help him raised the sum 15Million for his Baby's surgery outside Nigeria may have absconded after the whooping sum of 70million which is far more than the actual amount was raised by concerned individuals all over Nigeria.

Several blogs and individuals  have come out to publish and tell Nigerians that Mr Agoboye Monday is a fraud who abducted a baby to pose with, in order to loot Nigerians of their money and has finally absconded after getting more than he expected. This has led to the controversial OAP Daddy Freeze the leader of the Free Nation to go out of his way to make personal contacts with Mr Agoboye Monday via a video call where Mr Monday finally spoke up and told Nigerians that he is fine and has not run away as most people have come to believe, but has kept his self away from public eyes for security reasons, which has led him to cut contacts with most people.

During the video call with Daddy Freeze Mr Agoboye Monday showed Nigerians his passport and that of Baby Beniah's and told Nigerians they were making preparations to leave Nigeria for the surgery within the week. It was also confirmed that Mr Agoboye's wife just recently delivered a baby which was also another reason the family has been out of public eyes.

Hit link to watch the video call:

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