"...Pack up and find something meaningful to do with your time" Stanley Azubike to Ethrice Ekpen

Stanley Azubike convener  of the Galaxy Music Awards(GMA) has come out to condemn Ethrice Ekpen CEO E1 Records after he was previously called out by controversial blogger Young Endy for throwing jabs at Port Harcourt based bloggers in his interview with No Limit Music.

Stanley Azubike took to facebook to condemn and Criticize Ethrice Ekpen for being of no value to the Port Harcourt entertainment Industry, insinuating that the CEO has done little or less to contribute to the growth of the sector instead he instigates against young people who have come out to contribute in growing the entertainment industry; he further went on to advice to E1 Record boss to make seek out something meaningful to do with his time...

In his words:

"People like Entrice are the same people who set the entertainment space here (Portharcourt )on a slippery slope years back when they had full opportunity and resources to blossom, but selfishness and greed added with lack of love wouldn't let them ,. Whats the need for unnecessary cynicism and jabs when you haven't even done enough at your age to help the Industry, you rather choose to throw jab at young and vibrant entertainers trying to fix what you failed at, with little or no support, This Same Entrice threw a jab At the GMA'S last year just because none of his acts made the cut ..with no respect Entrice I think you should pack up and find sometime meaningful to do with your time..

Stanley Azubuike
(Convener Galaxy Music Awards )"

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