"...tell M_KAZE that his space has been taken..." YOUNG KLINS blast M-KAZE in Open Letter

Port Harcourt upcoming artiste Young Klins has come out to write an open letter to Port Harcourt Entertainers who are fast rising in the industry.

Young Klins in his letter warns that fast rising acts in Port Harcourt who desire greener pastures in other cities and leaves Port Harcourt entertainment should go out and make a legacy for them selves and by so doing taking Port Harcourt to the world.

He warns in his letter that any artiste who fails in his quest for greener pastures in other cities should not return expecting to meet a spot  reserved for him/her in the Port Harcourt entertainment industry as there are many talented acts in the city waiting to occupy their spots.

This letter he addressed laying emphasises to Port Harcourt veteran act MKAZE, stating that the singer should be informed that he no longer has a spot reserved for him in the Port Harcourt Entertainment industry, but should either go back to Lagos or he should start creating new niche for himself in the Entertainment industry here in Port Harcourt...

In his Words:

All this fast rising port Harcourt base artist that will not win or maintain there polly unit before trying to win other places, please note that if you have chosen to leave pH to another state we are not expecting you to come back without making us proud and taking our city to the world, and please if you leave don't come back expecting your space to still be empty cause we have other Good artist to take over from where you stopped, please can somebody help me tell 
#M_KAZE that his space has been taken and should go back and make us proud or start creating another space cause he can not come back and start speaking on liveTv saying PH am back and I hope my space is still empty.
Just saying my mind..."

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