"98% of Lagos Artiste are Yahoo Boys" _ Bukwild

Port Harcourt based singer & songwriter Bukwild the Ikwerrian who is known for his popular tune "show me how to fish" has made a major swipe at Lagos based musicians making it big in the Nigerian Music scene.

Bukwild who was one of the major keynote speakers at the #Takeoff project with CeeClassic aired his view on the recent rancour surrounding Nigerian celebrities (musicians) and cyber crime in Nigeria as he stated clearly that "98% of Lagos Artiste are internet fraudsters".

Bukwild stated during his speech that majority of Lagos artiste get involved in Cyber Crime (Yahoo) in order for them to generate money for their music career as music doesn't generate enough money for them.

He pointed out that he is strongly against Internet Fraud (Yahoo)  and so therefore he gives kudos to the Economic & Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) for taking a stance against illegal money makers in Nigeria and encouraged the EFCC to sniff out those involved in this illegal act so as to make easy the identification of those who are actually making real money from the music business.

He further went on to share his ordeal about his early stages/journey into the entertainment industry; and so he encouraged artiste to always believe in themselves
In his words "always believe in yourself"
as he Bukwild claimed to earn more money than a lot of Lagos musicians even though he resides in Port Harcourt.

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