"Make your noise no loud pass your career!!" Dandizzy to Dr. Barz over Tour

Following the recent controversy surrounding the Dr. Barz Campus Tour held at Ken SaroWiwa University (Kenpoly) which was allegedly sold out, Nigerian Rapper Dandizzy has come out to make an outrageous post which is suspected to be directed to Dr. Barz.

He wrote:

"Never ever lied to my fans❤️❤️
That’s how much I value them💪💪
Make your noise no loud pass your career!!👌"

This was after rumours of
 the event made the rounds, revealing that the Campus Tour which was tagged (BEHIND BARZ CAMPUS TOUR KENPOLY)  was only a charade put together for social media hype. As Dr. Barz only performed at an event put together by the student Union Government of the Polytechnic which he was invited for.  Our source made it plain that Dr.Barz only worked in collaboration with Kenpoly SUG to front the images from the event as his.

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