Port Harcourt artistes and Campus Tours; Sold out or Not? (Read full gist)

How are artistes based in Port Harcourt faring at their campus tour(s)?

This is the big question as many are eager to know the actual strength of the fan base of their favourite artistes.

CAMPUS TOURS in recent times have become a trend for a lot of creatives. Here in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria both A-list and up-and-coming artistes have not been left out of this trend. However, the big question remains - how successful have they been at it? Are they really selling out at these campus tours?

Information reaching our desk is that while fans are fed with make-believe, the truth is that most of these campus tours have only been a charade put together for social media hype.

Most artistes are still greatly unaware of the strength of their fan base. Owing to this, the tours either turn out to be unsuccessful or masked to be sold out. In reality, only few A-list acts can actually boast of selling out their events/campus tours.

While others are still working hard to sell out shows in the city and beyond, it is important for our creatives to ask themselves some questions:
Will your fans actually buy tickets to watch you perform? 
Outside social media hype, what is the actual strength of your fan base as an artiste or creative?

Until these questions and many more are answered, a lot of creatives especially musicians will still be scared to host their own events without putting out false hood.

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