WACONZY blows hot!! makes an example off Duncan Mighty, claims Rivers Government favours tribalism

Veteran Musician Waconzy who started his musicial career from the City of Port Harcourt and came into limelight with his hit single IWORIWO has come out to make  a disclaimer.

The artiste went on his instagram page to make a post debunking beliefs of him being a Port Harcourt musicians.
He made this post pointing out the reason for his outburst, he claimed the government that run the city favour tribalism over hard work and that is why the entertainment industry in the city died, he wrote this  using ace Nigerian musicians Duncan Mighty ( Port Harcourt  first son) as reference in making his point clear, he wrote

They are so quick to call me Port Harcourt  Musician but when time comes to support musicians the government will only support ikwerre indigenes like Duncan etc. So I left PH for good cos I am far bigger than that nonsense 100% Igbo boy + Child of God

The singer whose career seems to have taken a new leaf went on to advice younger talents to escape the city soon enough if they intend to make it in their career. He also remembered late DJ OLU in his post naming him Port Harcourt's Greatest DJ.

The singer  further went on to claim his not a Port Harcourt musicians but an international musician.  In his words "I AM NOT A PORT HARCOURT MUSICIAN, I AM AN INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN"

Share your thoughts on this. Could he be right? What is the state of the entertainment business in Port Harcourt and What is the Government of this state doing about it?

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