Film Maker Jane Gam-Dede cries out over lack of professionallity by Film House and Silverbird Cinemas (Read Post)

Miss Jane Gam-Dede a newbie in the Nigerian Movie Industry who premiered her first movie 'BESIEGED' written and produced by her. Has gone on social media to cry out over lack of professionality by two major cinemas in Nigeria.

The Film Maker Miss Jane Gam-Dede whose movie 'BESIEGED' hit cinemas nation wide on the 30th of August 2019, claimed to have received calls from fans and friend in Port Harcourt who went to Silverbird Cinema & Film House Cinema complaining that the cinemas had neglected them and have refused to show the film as initially planned.

Following this uproar Miss Jane Gam-Dede  who was said to be in Bayelsa while these complains constantly came in rushed down to Port Harcourt to join viewers who had come out the next day to see the movie. Sadly the same issue occured causing an uproar by fans who insisted that the movie must be aired, during this time both cinemas had claimed not to have gotten the movie. Leaving the unhappy audience who stood their ground from 1pm when the movie was to be initially aired  to 5pm in the evening when the Cinema finally aired the movie.

This singular act according her narrative seems like a  "Systematic plot". She cries out and demands that her movie BESIGED deserves equal right and attention as every other Foreign or Nigerian movie in the cinemas, despite the fact that she is new in the industry.

She went further to thank all her fans and lovers of the movie in Port Harcourt  who came out and in one voice stood by her to  make sure the movie was aired regardless of what the cinemas plotted.


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