No Limit Music Breaks Record with New Artsite Gthree Mayami (READ)

After several attempts with different artiste in the past, NO LIMIT MUSIC which is owned by Mr Kingsley Anu might be on the verge of breaking the jinx with their new artiste GTHREE MAYAMI.

Following the past history of the label with several artistes like; Matina Ewa, Jeffy Jeff, Double Jay etc. It is believed that the record label has not really been successful with housing artiste and bringing them into limelight. Most of the artiste abandon the label or get kicked out before the label gets to brew them into stardom. Many have blamed it on poor managerial skills by the label, while some have blamed it on lack of professionalism on the part of the artiste.

But following recent updates with their new artiste it seems No Limit Music is on the verge of changing the Narrative. The Label has successfully debuted the video of GTHREE MAYAMI new single ALERT on HIP TV, this is the first time the label has gotten the video of their artiste outside Local Stations to a Standard Entertainment Station.

This we believe have prepared the Label for a new start with them and their artiste.

Watch Video

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