1Da Banton Slams Ace Producer SamKlef (READ)

1Da Banton has thrown a serious shade at one of Nigeria’s Ace Producer SamKlef  over a tweet the producer made.

SamKlef made a post earlier today claiming that Nigerians are unbothered about the lyrical content of any song, rather they prefer songs with good beats that will only put them on the dance floor; which is why lyrically rich songs do not sell in Nigeria.

Lyrics no dey sell for naija we just want party and Dey alright. Simple hook repeat am twice everybody singalong

This tweet didn’t go unnoticed by Nigeria’s fast rising artiste 1Da Banton Who quickly gave a backlashing comment to the producers tweet where he wrote:

Big Lie, don’t discourage the young ones who actually want to make great music with great content 

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think SamKlef has a point or do you think 1Da Banton was right for putting him in order? Drop comments

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