Dr. Barz Flaunts Dollar Bills in leaked Video (WATCH)

Nigerian Rapper Dr. Barz was recently cut on camera flaunting stacks of  Dollars bills placed in a brief case. The Rapper who is currently making preparations for the Second Edition of his BEHIND BARZ CONCERT seems to be doing well for himself.

This has led to a lot of curious questions like; Does the Rap game still pay off? For rappers like Dr. Barz who is based in the city of Port Harcourt and hasn’t gotten into limelight yet, it comes as a shock to see him flaunt such large amounts of Hard currency with out any Endorsements or Record label deal to his name.

This brings up the question; What other source of income does the Rapper have to his name? 
Suspicions have been  kindled, good the PUNCH LINES NOT PEOPLE Convener also be part of the Societal menace called “INTERNET FRAUD” ?


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